In 1987    Hainan Special Economic Zone was built, hundreds of thousands of personnel came to Hainan, when the Haikou Instant Coffee Plant came into being and dozens of national science and technology elites and students from famous universities entered into the first coffee company in China.
In 1988    The first brand of instant coffee in China - LISUN, was established with the Hainan Special Economic Zone’s into being;. in the same year, the Japanese experts of coffees were invited from Brazil, which was a tremendous response in the country, and the magnificent television advertising made LISUN known nationwide.
In 1989    LISUN held a news conference in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, which formally announced to the world China’s first LISUN Coconut Coffee and LISUN Milk Sugar Coffee were trial-produced successfully and promoted to the market; later, LISUN series products won the Technology Progress New Product Award by the Ministry of Light Industry, the enterprise won Technology Progress “Golden Dragon Takeoff Award” by the Ministry of Light Industry and the LISUN Instant Coffee won the Hainan Provincial Technology Progress Second Award. In 1990    LISUN Instant Coffee and LISUN Coconut Coffee were listed as the national major new products by the five national ministries.
In 1991    LISUN sales exceeded ten million, when LISUN introduced coffee beverage products nationwide for the first time; LISUN Coffee milk beverages, LISUN Coconut Coffee beverages, Happy Juice, mango juice, coconut juice, distilled water, mineral water and other products were successfully developed and put into production; the fried coffee was put into market, when LISUN had been formed four series of products based on coffee series products and supplemented by tropical fruit and vegetable drinks and bottled drinking water. In the same year, the second generation of instant coffee production line was introduced from Denmark.
In October 1992    LISUN Instant Coffee was transformed into limited liability company, when it was joined by Shenzhen Vanke and other famous enterprises.
In 1993    The company became one of the top 50 enterprises in Hainan Province, when the LISUN series products won the title of Chinese brand name foods; the company began to enter the Shanghai market, and coconut coffee became the preferred coffee and dairy products in Shanghai.
In 1994    The company made sales near a billion Yuan and ranked into the national beverage industry top 500. LISUN products won the national consumer most-like product first. LISUN Coffees won the gold medal of the Second International Food and Technology Expo (Singapore). The plant’s Association for Science and Technology was reelected for two times of the winner of the “Dedication Cup” award by the Chinese Association for Science, China Association for Science and Technology and the National Planning Commission and other ministries, when the enterprise became the first national business honorees for three consecutive times of this honor.

In 1995    Haikou LISUN Instant Coffee Plant was listed as the national large Type 2 enterprise, and the coconut milk and ginseng coffee were developed successfully.
In 1996    LISUN Coconut Coffee was awarded as the first of the ten scientific and technological achievements of Hainan Province since the establishment of Hainan Province by Hainan People’s Government.
In 1999    The company was carried out equity restructuring and passed through the ISO9000 international quality system certification.
In 2000    10 acres of coffee plantations in Wenchang was started, and the company organized the first “LISUN Cup” Crossing Qiongzhou Strait Competition, which was an opening on the sports competition of the company.
In 2002    The company conducted a comprehensive marketing integration and it was established the East China, North China, Central China, South China and Southwest China Branches. The second generation of coconut juice was developed successfully with products successfully entered into market. Iced coffee, espresso, fresh orange coconut cool, lemon orange coconut cool and other beverage products were successfully developed and successfully put into market. The company passed through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification system. LISUN Coconut Juice was put into Carrefour and Wal-Mart. the company organized the second “LISUN Cup” Crossing Qiongzhou Strait Competition.
In 2003    LISUN high-protein instant coconut powder was successfully developed, which laid a foundation of materials and processes for the development of high-end coconut milk coffee. The company successfully cooperated with Carrefour and Wal-Mart. The OEM Carrefour and Wal-Mart brand coconut juice were put into the major supermarkets, when the quality and taste were recognized by consumers, all of which expanded the popularity of LISUN in the international beverage field.
In 2004    LISUN won the title of Hainan Famous Brand Trademark.
In 2006    LISUN Cappuccino Coffee, LISUN Blue Mountain Coffee, LISUN Charcoal Latte Coffee and other flavor coffees were developed successfully.
In 2007    The series of flavor coffees were exported to Australia; LISUN Charcoal Roasted Coffee, LISUN Charcoal Blue Mountain Coffee, LISUN Mocha Coffee and the high-end roasted coffee into were put into trial production.
In 2009    LISUN Coffee products won the title of Chinese quality products; LISUN was again awarded as Hainan Famous Trademark; the company sponsored the 2009 “LISUN Cup” Hainan Bodybuilding Competition; LISUN Coffee was chosen as designated beverages of Miss Asia Competition; the company was valued as the top 60 well-known brands in Hainan Province.